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Top 7 Blogger Outreach Strategies

In this post, I am going to talk about the top 7 best blogger outreach strategies! A bit of decent advice by top experts.

As you know the right outreach is most important to building quality backlinks for your website to be the first page on the organic search result.

All of the outreach techniques are different and you need to be unique to approach a website.

Yes, I am going to mention the top post for outreach philosophy where you can learn the right direction to go ahead.

Implementing the right strategy can increase your success rate for your outreach campaign.

You should know the foundation of an organic blog outreach strategy three types:

  • 1.    Automated outreach

  • 2.    Pseudo outreach

  • 3.    Genuine outreach

To read here more about it.

Here you can find the list of the ideas for better genuine outreach in the future that you can go please have a look below.

Applying Strategic Business Thinking To Outreach:

If you are going to apply your outfit so I think you have no time the two major points That are killing the success rate.

  • Ignored by a lot of people

  • You will face rejection.

Therefore you need to figure out how to success rate can be increased.

  • Find the right name

  • Find the right email

  • Know if they are interested to play

How to figure out to work it well?

  • Urgent and Important

  • Not Urgent and Important

  • Urgent and Not Important

  • Not Urgent and Not Important.

You can find this post to read a more detailed guide for applying the Right strategy outreach.

The Essential Guide to Effective Link Building Outreach:

This is another great post is written by Brian Jensen he has talked about that what you should follow the visibility of your brand.

Now content marketing and backlink building are more powerful to increase your brand reputation, therefore, you need to build up a relationship with them and you need to have the ability to identify the right people, right influencers, and relevant in your industry.

You can find the list of processes that will help to build your relationship and you will get a high response rate.

Please have a look below:

  • 1.    Social Research & Analysis

  • 2.    Customize Your Emails

  • 3.    Efficiently Communicate Value

  • 4.    Templates Save Time

  • 5.    Persistence Pays Off

  • 6.    Social Outreach

  • 7.    Enter Followerwonk

You should follow the above points before start outreach.

A relationship takes time but it will pay off if you have good patience and you follow the right strategy to move forward with your outreach campaign.

You can read this post for more details where have to describe more depth please follow this link.

Adapting 3 Fundamental Human Values Into Your Link Building Outreach:

This is another awesome post that you cannot find anywhere else yet where you can learn the most important 3 fundamental human values if you are doing outreach campaigning for your back-link building.

For serving fast for your link-building outreach the three key you should remember always.

Three Values For Outreach:

1. You should be Authentic.

Definition: You need to be real or genuine; not copied or false

Example phrases:

  • “Would you be able to work together”

  • “I was wondering if you could feedback”

  • “Would you mind contributing…”

2. You should be Thoughtful.

Definition: You need to show the concern need or feelings of others.

Example phrases:

  • “Would you mind If I send you a source for a post”

  • “How can I give a favor, please let me know…”

  • “I’m honor or grateful for…”

3. You should be transparent.

Definition: You should keep in mind to open; not secretive.

Example phrase:

  • “I am willing to follow up and apologize…”

You can find the details to go here.

Link Building Outreach: 5 Steps To Maximize The Value Of Every Opportunity:

You can learn the 5 steps that will maximize the value of every opportunity waiting for high-quality content always taking longer because investing more time, more research, more data, and analysis.

Build better outreach here are a few steps you should follow.

  • 1.    Identify link prospects suitable for outreach

  • 2.    Gather information and tools for link building outreach

  • 3.    Craft effective link building outreach emails

  • 4.    Manage the 4 possible responses: Accepts, Declines, Counters and Ignores

  • 5.    Add value to future outreach efforts: 17 trackable data points

Step 1. Identify link prospects suitable for outreach:

  • You should request resource additions to previously-published lists and roundups (Skyscraper Technique)

  • You should suggest a new, alternative page for now-dead links (404 Broken Link Building )

  • You should request that the company mentions become live links (You mentioned from your post and let them know)

  • You should inclusion in actively curated resource aggregations (A curated post with gathering more resources into your post)

  • You should Seek mention in upcoming industry coverage/story roundups (Weekly/Monthly Roundup publishing site)

Step 2. Gather information and tools for link building outreach:

The link building outreach worksheet:

  • You should Qualified link prospects suitable for high-touch outreach (Is the site Domain authority good? or relevant to your industry)

  • You should Title + URL(s) you’re building links to ( Is your content relevant to that site or post?)

  • You should list potential link offers

  • You should A range of ideal keywords for anchor text

  • You should Descriptive snippets of the core value/benefit of URLs

  • You should collect Contact info and qualifications for internal experts

  • You should Work knowledge of company history and key founders

  • You should Preparedness to identify needs not expressed in your current range of link offers

Step 3. Crafting link building outreach emails:

  • You should Focus on Link outreach subject lines

  • You should Focus on Using customized opening lines

  • You should Focus on Demonstrating value

Step 4. Managing the 4 possible responses

You can accept offer ways to grow the relationship:

  • To grow the relationship Send a thank you.

  • To grow the relationship Ask for content/information.

  • To grow the relationship Ask about any distribution help.

  • To grow the relationship Request an interview.

  • To grow the relationship Request a review.

  • To grow the relationship Offer them a subscription to your blog.

  • To grow the relationship Subscribe to their blog and follow on Twitter.

Declines: ways to grow beyond the “No”

  • You should always Keep a gracious, scientifically curious mindset

  • You should find the Identify their objection

  • You need to learn what content they WOULD interest to link to and keep the questions short.

  • You can Gently seek a commitment: “So if I do ABC, would you link to it?”

Step 5. Add value to future outreach efforts: 17 trackable data points – 

  • Targeted Hostname/Link Page

  • Contact’s Name

  • Email Address

  • Date of 1st Contact

  • Date of Follow Up

  • Link Placed? Y/N

  • URL of Placed Link

  • Date Link Placed

  • Linked URL

  • Anchor Text Used

  • Site Type

  • Email Subject Line

  • Opening Line

  • Offer Made

  • Growing the Relationship

  • Twitter Address

  • Notes

To know the details of each step to read more you can find the most suitable tips and more depth suggestions from this post.

Simple Steps to Save Your SEO Linking Outreach:

This is another great post that will save your outreach link-building efforts.

I am going to share with you some of the strategies and tips that you should follow while doing outreach link building.

These resources I have found from Seerinteractive one of a blog post has been done by Adam Melson.

Read about me page:

Having read the about me page you will find the best way to pitch them and you can connect with your pitch based on their activities, hobbies, and personal or social life connection.

This will increase your success rate.

Stop asking for buying a link:

You should not ask a blogger to buy a link from them but before your pitch, you need to focus on relationship building you should help them you should think about how you can give better value through your content or any other things after made better relationship with them you can reach for your goals.

Don’t make it’s all about your:

Before outreach to a site owner or blogger, you need to ask your question yourself.

  • How this pitch help the site owner?

  • How to outreach them, father?

  • How will it be beneficial for their readers?

If you don’t have the answer to these questions so you are wasting time for outreach.

Stop asking the linking specific:

You should not ask for a link to your website with do-follow or no-follow. do nothing with it.

It will create a bad impression of your reputation.

Find out their few latest post:

It is all about creating a good relationship with them you need to read their post and find out the gap or something they have missed to talk about in their post so you need to give them the idea or your advice with a pitch.

In such ways, you can help every site owner or blogger to build a good relationship.

You need to be a real person and we’re going to help them.

You can find more details or more steps to save your SEO linking outreach to go here.

The (Previously) Unwritten Rules of Outreach:

This is the unwritten answer and you cannot find it anywhere else.

Everyone is talking about its strategy and link building how to get high response rates along with links but John has mentioned the unwritten points that every expert should follow when doing outreach campaigning.

  • 1. Using the right Word intent.

  • 2. Avoid or Using right industry jargon

  • 3. Focus on conversational investment #1 priority

  • 4. Show your credibility

  • 5. Don’t miss follow up religiously

  • 6. Focus to increase trust by association

  • 7. Think on time investment based on a good opportunity

  • 8. You should keep track of your contacts

I Just Deleted Your Outreach Email Without Reading. And NO, I Don’t Feel Sorry:

This is another evergreen post about the outreach that you should follow.

It is done by Tim Soulo.

He has described and shared his experience with outreach skills.

It will help you to improve your outreach drastically. If you follow this at the points for your outreach company you will get a higher success rate than you can’t imagine.

I am going to mention in a sort the list of points and if you like to read more depth so you should read this post here.

#Know what is Outreach and what is Spam

“Outreach” is not “Broadcasting”

  • 1. Sharks Blogger

  • 2. Big Fish Blogger

  • 3. Small fish Blogger

  • 4. Spawn Owner

#Use the right email address

#Show something new & valuable or feature them

#Only use your best post for outreach

How can you find out what is the best post on your blog?

Is it generate 100+ comments?

Is someone famous tweet it?

Is it gets mentioned by an authority website in your niche?

#Re-think your outreach excuse and focus on the decent excuse.

#Don’t use generic outreach templates, subject lines and you should avoid patterns.

#You should follow this pattern:

  • Mention in your outreach that which most of them, you’re going to reach out to.

  • Give appreciation about that post.

  • Put your own relevant post.

  • Explain why your post unique.

  • Asking for feedback on your post.

  • #Never use templated flattery outreach emails:

  • #Show them you know them

  • #Timing is your friend

  • #Ask wisely

  • Don’t ask for tweets

  • Ask for links

  • #Follow up, once

This post was improved your arteries’ strategy to build a better success rate.

Be genuine and provide real value to the person you are going to outreach.

You should always remember that there is a person like you so you need to be a genuine person.


I hope you have enjoyed this post to find top resources for blogger outreach strategy & effective outreach services decent guide.

What would you use for the efficacy of your outreach?

Do you want to do effective blogger outreach today?

And If you are not able to start blogger outreach by yourself or don’t have enough time so,

Ask DigitalPrasen now! For effective blogger outreach services.

Are the above strategies are you using?

Now I’m excited to hear your thoughts about it in the comments section below.



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