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5 Easiest Ways to Make Content to Get Authority Backlinks

The link still matters to get a higher rank on Google but you need to build the high quality naturally that every blogger or webmaster is looking for.

Building backlinks will give you more domain authority and it will increase your search engine ranking along with organic traffic to promote your blog or website.

Every SEO expert is struggling to build high-quality links naturally but I am going to talk about from this article top five types of content that will help you to earn high-quality backlinks naturally.

Let’s have a look the ideas to earn be backlink naturally.

Case Studies & Research Content to Earn Backlinks:

This is another most popular content that attracts backlinks.

I hope you have noticed that most of the case studies went to go viral content such as Brain Dean and Neil Patel’s case studies.

For example:

Read about Viral Marketing Case Study By Brain Dean and How to Write a Perfect Case Study By Neil Patel.

Do you have any great work yet?

Why don’t you tell the world about that?

Increase high-quality backlinks from a high authority websites is too far from easy.

However, once you build few handful of backlinks and get enjoy the high converting traffic or more sales it will make but it will not give the better result as you expected.

But what is the natural link?

As a relevant smoothly into the context of the page links are more powerful.

If you focus to create case studies content that will be difficult not to link to your post.

This type of content goes viral and increases backlinks without having to ask.

You need to provide a step-by-step guide that will show the actionable result in their eyes or you might be offered a solution to your target customer’s questions through your content.

This type of case study to be a linkable asset.

Do you know Ahrefs?

I hope so…

Yes, I am providing an example of the case study and research post that attract backlinks like crazy in the SEO and marketing industry.


Most of their linked-to pages are studies.


Once you published or finished your case study you should share on your social media all channels and must go from industry Publication.

There is much publication within your industry they are always looking for advice and guidelines shared by an expert.

Data Analysis Post to Build The Great Backlinks:

This is another powerful content marketing campaign called data-driven.

You just need to analyze and collecting someone else data to make your content.

There are various ways you can build a story through data analysis by putting a fresh take on data from top sources.

If you will have lacking resources in spite of you can build some of the great backlinks simply by just writing a detailed report and data into your blog post including tables and graphs.

I think you might be using those data and resources for infographics by hiring a designer you will be able to create a great linkable asset to published on your blog and earn more high-quality backlinks in a natural way.

Check below:

There are example data resources published by Forbes rich list.

See also:

Expert Roundups Post to Generate Links:

If you are a blogger so you know what is export roundup post and if you are a newbie in blogging so you should know what is expert roundup post.

And how this post can help you to generate good quality backlinks from the influencer site.

An expert roundup is a piece of content with the opinion of an industry influencer in any particular niche.

Advanced Prospecting for Link Roundups:

This type of post is one of the best linkable assets for your blog.

It will bring together all the valuable suggestions of the topic in a post.

With a round of posts the reader will get more attention to read it because of most respected name experts are involved and they shared their suggestions for the topic.

You can have a look at the sample of a truly epic post with an expert roundup.

If you are thinking about where do you start and how to start so don’t worry I am going to share the guide that you can learn step by step to creating an expert round of posts for your next blog post. The simple solution is to Read this post to learn more.

In general,

This is also called an ego-bait link-building post. After publishing your roundup post you must let them know to all experts who participate in your roundup post.

In this way, you might get a good number of social shares and backlinks from their blog post in the future.

Interviews Post For Natural Link earning:

This is one of the always great ways of building high-quality natural backlinks.

The best way to taking an interview can be time-consuming and put altogether from an industry expert.

Before running an interview you need to focus on your question on the topic first.

Typically, the goal is:

Is the list of question hour genuinely interested to your readers?

If you find yes so you should move forward to asking industry experts whom you like to take an interview.

Before you do, make sure you got something very valuable so you can also at least two other relevant publishers to building backlinks for that post.

I hope many of you already published and some of are wondering to publish in the future from your blog with an interview but you are not getting enough response from the industry expert.

You might be wondering to take an interview with a top expert in your industry.

Instead, it pays close attention to at first, you need to target a small expert but take to a specialist.

I won’t recommend you if you are a new blogger and going to take interview Brian Dean or Neil Patel first.

It’s got a clear you, see the sample: Neil Patel Interview

Content Curation To Increase Your Backlinks:

Well, when you are going to put together a post with the best resources of the month or of the week is it easier on a specific topic.

Remember; while you are going to create this type of post I need to keep remember the editorial links that completely should be relevant and helpful for your reader for the particular topic.

I hope you might be looking for an example of a content curation post.

in my opinion, Here is a perfect sample for a content curation post please check out  “10 Strategies to Build Links Without Content: A Curated Guide

If you have any more tips for earning editorial links so please comment below and let us know your story.


I hope you have enjoyed the idea that I have mentioned above how to build backlinks naturally and ethically with five types of content.

I was wondering if you could share your experience with earning high-quality backlinks through the comment below.


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