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6 YouTube SEO Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses!

Learn 6 YouTube SEO marketing techniques for your small business!

Content Marketing was up and present all the way but with the advent of Google’s acquisition of YouTube, videos have started to gain momentum.

Consumers have started connecting with the brands more that have video content.

Instead of reading about information, consumers prefer to watch a video on the same.

And why not? Watching something helps you remember better and learn things faster.

YouTube is the second most used search platform after Google Search Engine.

About 400 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute and that’s a big number.

More people visit YouTube in a year than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined!

Now, that’s what demonstrates the real power of YouTube and for business, it’s a boon, you can build all the more best customer engaging content or through the means of paid advertisement campaigns.

Amidst all the good, there are some content providers who resort to Black Hat techniques to gain success.

While these methods can get you going in the short run, they don’t hold any importance if you wish to look for long-term growth.

In fact, it might hit you in the butt and bring down your chances to succeed.

While successful YouTubers spend a lot of time in strategizing and designing viral content, you too can get your videos firing on YouTube.

Know how you can turn your youtube channel into a growth machine from this post.

Check out our 6 techniques that could help you stand aloof from your competition.

Research the right keyword!

Just like SEO Services, keyword research here is of the utmost importance.

Marketers sometimes neglect the importance of keyword assessment and fine-tuning their customer messages to initiate a customer buying process.

During a consumer’s YouTube journey, they are almost in their initial research phase so using the right keyword will land your customers into watching your designed content.


What should you keep in mind to stay on top?

  • Understand how customers search for their information and frame your keywords accordingly

  • Ad words Display Planner can be one helpful tool to select the right keywords

  • Your selected keywords should have more than a thousand monthly search impressions

  • Your keywords should be in-line with the product you are marketing, the industry that it belongs to, and your target audience

  • Effectively distributing your Ad Words budget into small amounts on your targeted keywords

Eye Catchy Thumbnails

There are millions of videos on YouTube and each category or keyword will have a bunch of videos that will appear as search results when the consumers are looking for the required information.

So, what is it that would make your video stand out from others on the search result page?

The simple answer to this complex question is “Your Thumbnail”

You can definitely work on your customer thumbnail for your new video but many of you would have this question, what about the thumbnail of our old video?

No worries!

Just go to the videos manager, click on the edit button, and then the custom thumbnail. It’s that easy!

Call to Action for Leads:

What is a call to action?

Any stimulus or urge from your end that results in customer engaging directly with your channel or content is known as “Call to Action”

Ever heard, “If you liked our video, please like, comment and share our video. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to never miss a video from our channel”

Now that’s what you call a recurring call to action both at the front of the video and at the far end to bring in the customer engagement.

Higher the engagement, there are chances of your content being in top-rated charts.

First of all, decide on your goal as to what do you expect from your viewers. Second, channelize your efforts in a recurring manner to achieve the goal.

Here are a few goals that you might want to achieve with your CTA’s:

  • Likes and shares to your content

  • More comments and viewer engagement

  • More subscribers on your channel with allowed notification permission

  • Getting your viewers to glide through other videos on your channel

Let us look at how you can achieve your CTA goals:

  • A direct CTA in the form of a request works like a charm. This is the most common way you will find on YouTube channels.

  • Clickable buttons which are available at the end of the video that will get the customer to click it in a go! Voila, you achieved your goal!

  • Add the details of your promotions and offers in the description section and the same being mentioned in the video.

Optimizing your Youtube channel page

You can’t be ignorant of the potential your channel page holds in driving traffic to your website.

Look at our few tips that could help you better:

  • The most important thing here is to let your viewers know what your channel/brand stands for. Investing time into writing about your channel goals, your brand, and how it differentiates from the rest.

  • Leverage the channel banner so that you can add links to your website and social media handles.

  • Specifying links of your website and social handles in the description along with the product landing page.

  • Using a brand logo as the channel image will put up a positive impact

  • Remove clumsy-looking content and incorporate CTA’s.

Cross-channel promotion

Leveraging your entire web assets to promote your YouTube channel will increase your subscriptions and viewership.  People at the business can embed the YouTube link as a part of their signatures; when they mail different people, the link will be passed on and the same could be done with newsletters, offer mailers, etc.

Your social media handles should have an inclusion of your YouTube link and the same can be shared along with video links on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In, etc. to reach a larger audience coming to your channel.

Once you have good channel content along with follower numbers, it’s a great idea to collaborate with different influencers in a non-competing market to grow both your channel.

Engagement is the key!


Always remember that if your viewers love you, YouTube will love you too!

Here are a few simple yet effective tips to have increased viewer engagement:

  • Respond to every comment by the viewer and take the feedback positively. Try explaining your point in detail.

  • Ask them what kind of content they expect from you. This will not only build engagement but also help you get new topics around which you can build your content. Sell what’s required!

  • A quick contest, a survey, a giveaway is what will keep the users engaged, be Honest!



Preparing great content is the stepping-stone to a successful YouTube marketing strategy. If you wish to elevate as a brand, try a mix of different factors that could help you grow.

The methods outlined by us if carefully tailored to suit your needs, and with attention to long-lasting results, you will be able to create a good brand presence on YouTube.




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