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How Does Google Rank Local SEO For Pet Businesses Websites?

Before you dig into SEO, you need to understand how and why Google ranks a website at the top of SERPs.

Google always brings the most relevant result for any searched term.

You need to add the targeted keywords to your website so that Google bot can realize what your website is about.

To understand better, you can type your pet business keywords in the Google search bar.

Now, do you see your business listed in the search results?

If your business shows up low down the search result or doesn’t show up at all, you need to make changes to your website.

For any SEO project, keyword research is an important part.

Keyword research takes time, and you need to work on this both as a pet businesses and a customer.

Before using any keyword research tool, you need to list all the search terms that you think people will use to search your business.

Before you start with keyword research, you need to understand the structure of search result pages.

Search engine result pages are broken into the following sections:

  • Adverts

  • Local 3 Packs

  • Featured Snippet

  • Organic Search Results

  • Searches Related to Your Search Term

If you want to show up at the tops of SERPs, you can choose to use adverts.

Advertising is quite expensive and doesn’t provide a decent return on investment.

If your website and Google My Business profile are optimized well, they will appear in the local three-packs section.

This section comes with customer reviews and a call-to-action button for customers to contact you quickly.

You will get consistent traffic from local three packs for free.

Local three packs are a great place to appear, and you will have endless traffic from here.

If your website content is well optimized with targeted keywords, your website might show up in the next section, the featured snippet.


Featured snippets, also known as zero listings, will show your website content if it answers the searcher’s queries well.

Another section of SERPs where you can rank for free is the organic search results.

If your business is SEO-ready, you can get a consistent traffic flow from the organic search results.

All you need is well-optimized content filled with targeted keywords regards the pet business.

To check your ranking results, you can use this free tool called SEO Powersuite or Rank Tracker.

First, start analyzing the reports, download the software, select your local Google, and enter your website name and targeted keywords.

Then once you hit the rankings button, you will find out the terms that your website is ranking for.

You should document the keywords and track them regularly to check if the ranking is going up.

As mentioned earlier, most of the traffic goes to the top 5 search results.

If you can rank in the local three-pack, it will significantly increase your leads and conversion rate.

If you can rank in all featured snippets, organic search, and local packs, it will give you the maximum number of leads.

Most businesses now avoid advertising as it doesn’t give real results for a long time.



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