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5 Quickest Ways to Increase Your Website Visibility on Google Search Faster!

Would you like to know how to increase your roofing website visibility on Google search?

Today, I am going to tell you about the 5 quickest ways to increase your visibility on Google Search faster.

Learn, how you can easily beat your competitor’s SEO on Google organic search results through making better on-site optimization, valuable content, profitable keywords, quality backlinks, social share, and email outreach great format from top experts.

As you know everyone wants to beat competitor’s SEO on Google search engine result pages.

However, I saw most of the small business owners are hiring a low-cost SEO expert through the freelancing site but my recommendation to you that don’t run a cheap label SEO for your site because you need to face a Google penalty in the future.

You can hire an SEO expert who will be doing all the tasks as per your instruction which is a white hat advanced SEO method to boost your site's Google organic search ranking and traffic along with its safe from Google penalty.

If you like to buy an SEO service so I’d highly recommend you to try DigitalPrasen for 1 keyword FREE SEO ranking within 30 days from today!


Let’s start.

1. Monitoring Your Top Competitor Activities:

  • Keyword Reach Title

  • Keyword reach Permalink

  • The keyword should be in the first paragraph

  • Image Alt tag with Keyword (before uploading an image should be Compress and resize)

  • H2 or H3 tags with Keyword

  • Keywords should be Bold and Italics

  • Linking out to trusted high-authority sites ( Example: Google News )

  • Internal links to within your old post (Like Wikipedia )

  • Adding multi-media (Images, Video, Slides, Infographic)

  • Long length Content ( At least: 1500 words )

  • Page loading time is the most important

  • Use LSI Keywords (Google Suggest and LSIGraph)

  • For better optimization, you can check with the best SEO Software SEMrush now!

2. Steal Best Content From Your Competitor:

I am going to tell you FREE Tools for Identifying your competitor’s Top Post.

Now you need to find the best content from your competitors you can use these sites are free to check your competitor’s best post.

How do you justify the best post?

Three things you need to watch to choose them.

  • Number of Social Share

  • Number Of Comments

  • Number Of Backlinks

After finding the list of your niche top posts you should go to track all of them with these three points I mentioned above.

There are several paid tools to check but free is limited data for them such as Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Buzzsumo, etc…

Now you have made a list of top-demanded content in your niche market. Now what to do with it? Are you going to steal this content?


So how will you get a unique idea with it?

Here are my three tips to generate your unique idea.


The Original Top Title:

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Customers”

The Spinning Title for 7 new ideas to write:

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Ranking”

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Backlinks”

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Keywords”

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors SEO Steps”

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Best Content”

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Twitter Followers”

  • “How to Steal Your Competitors Facebook Fans”

Find the post they publish with “List of “and you should try to make your own list that becomes double or triple the largest list.

3. Steal Profitable Keywords From Top Competitor Website:

Find Competitor Keywords:

There are several free tools to find competitors keywords such as Keywordspy, Google keyword planner, Alexa tool, SEMRush, Open Site Explorer, etc….

The important is when analyzing the keywords your competitors are using.

When you read the best post from your niche blog try to find in the title what keyword used then go to Google keyword planner to see more ideas for that keyword.

You can see your competitor keywords by using Google keyword planner.

Just put the URL and see the collection of keywords with group ideas.

You can read more details about how to steal competitor profitable keywords from this post.

Find Longtail and LSI Keywords:

There are a few ways to find longtail keywords in your niche.

At first, you can use Google Suggest it’s very easy to find while you search on Google and it will show related search terms with longtail as well, and next you can choose from the list.


You can go with that suggested term to find more.

After selecting all your keyword lists you can go with Google Keywords Planner to find more ideas and check if those are good enough.

To find the LSI Keyword, I would suggest you find these tools online and for free.

You don’t need to go with paid vision. I am not saying the paid version is bad, there are also good tools such as long tail pro, etc…

Using LSI Graph tool you can save time to find the long tail and LSI keywords.

This tool gives you both benefits to choosing the best keywords.

I have read an article that has mentioned quite a guideline on how you should use LSI Keywords to better optimize your content.

This tool keywords list you can use to write natural content, optimize, use image alt tags, use meta tags in the title and description, image filename, etc..

Finding Keywords from top social media.

You should read this post to be clearer to move forward by selecting keywords in your niche.

4. Steal Quality Backlinks From Your List Of Top Competitor’s Site:

As you know building several good authority site backlinks helps a lot to get organic search rank.

You should not miss that Jamie Fitzhenry shared

great content about 5 experiments that will work well in SEO.

I will tell you the list of methods to build quality back-links for your site to quickly rank on google.

At first, you just need to monitor your top competitor’s backlinks and make a list for them after that you should refine the top authority links to target for your site.

There are several methods and tools to find backlinks but you should go with step by step.

How to build a quality backlink?

You need to create the best content to build them.

You should make content by following these rules to build a quality backlink:

  • Make a list of top post backlinks in your niche or competitor's best post (Approach those backlink sites with your similar content to build your backlinks).

  • Make a list of broken links by analyzing your niche or competitor website (Update content on your site and pitch the site owner that you noticed the broken link and update your similar content to their site/post).

  • Make a list of top site old post-backlinks example: – if an old post has “10 ways to build backlinks” and it was posted in 2012 you make your own huge list such as “100 way to build backlinks in 2021” (Update new methods and approach those sites to get your links).

  • Make a list of Wikipedia Broken links. When you find dead links from Wikipedia then go to to find the article on the broken links was and the next move to write similar content to update on Wikipedia along with find that broken links backlinks to approach more sites to build more backlinks).

  • Review list of tools (You can make review posts for top tools or products in your niche after that let them know that you made a review for their product and I am sure they will return social share and buzz feed from the site. It will give to get quality backlinks as well).

  • Make an infographic by observing top posts in your niche (After making your infographic you should approach top post backlinks site about your infographic they may update your infographic into the post).

  • Asking a list of the blogger in your niche. (You can reach out the blogger whom you have already linked from your old post and let them know).

  • Make a list of the company that went out of the business (Find those site backlinks and approach those backlinks to replace with your content).

  • Make list who have mentioned your brand in their post but not linking you. (Appreciate them for the post and asking to link you).

  • Make a list of guest post bloggers (You can reach with your valuable content for a guest post).

  • Make a list of Google news listed sites (Google news sites are very trusted and great value, try to post for those sites with your content and build quality backlinks).

  • Review Udemy courses and asking the teacher to mention your review posted on their blog or site.

  • Make a list of university bloggers you love and write about them and next let them know. In this way, they might link back to your site post. This way you could get good quality Edu backlinks.

Broken Links Checker Free Tools:

5. Steal Your Competitor’s Blog Comments and Social Share:

Stealing Facebook fans with Facebook Advertising account please check out this video and Download Social Lead Fox software.

Stealing twitter followers you can learn from this post.

Stealing audiences in your niche who Share on Twitter is quite easy to find simply from twitter advanced search by putting the title of the post in

Why you don’t make a file for Social share and list of commenter’s websites, email and shared post URL.

You can promote your blog post by reaching out through email and twitter interaction with the list of influencers who share and comment on your competitors and niche similar blogs post.

I would suggest you to just ask for social share for your post.

If they have share competitors so why don’t you for you.

But keep in mind your every post should be valuable and quality content.

I think those all are cool for you to move forward to focus on building quality backlinks and increasing the social share to boost Google SERP.

But note that you just keep this method to get 1 to 3 links in a week.

As we know few quality links are better than a huge number of quantity links.

I can understand that now you guys are thinking that you have a lot of other tasks but doing manually email is taking too much time, there is no guarantee with this way to build backlinks.


I can assure you that email marketing still has a good conversion rate.

When you will be going to implement these ways just approach at least 100 emails in a day.

You would definitely get 10 responses that will help to motivate you to do more.


Trust me, it really works.

I did past for my many clients and now like to do for my blog as well so I thought of posting it.

Do you want to DIY SEO (Do it-yourself SEO)?

If so then, You should be serious about building backlinks and on-site SEO fast.

You haven’t found time to do SEO & write blog posts?

Why don’t you try DigitalPrasen

For 1 keyword FREE SEO ranking now!

If you want to get whitehat to Google penalty safe higher quality advanced SEO services, then DigitalPrasen is also here for you.


If you think that this article helps you and your readers and blogger friends so please share on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

How many of you guys did experiment with this way of building backlinks?




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