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About digitalP

You have never worked with an SEO partner like us.

There are thousands of “SEO experts.”

Most of them will give you zero accountability.


Here is why you should choose digitalP as your SEO company.

At digitalP, we always enable our customers to outrank their competitors.

We understand the roofing industry well, and we know only the strongest can survive in the market.

We will help you achieve confidence by crushing your competitors.

SEO results do not mean only traffic, and the most important thing is the conversion rate.

If you get a lot of traffic to your website, but they don’t become your paying customers, you waste your hard-earned money.

If you need more clients, focus on generating more leads and increasing the sales rate.

We invest time to understand your business and what your customers are looking for.

Once we understand your customers, we make effective strategies to bring them to your website and make purchases.

We will also ensure that your website keeps generating leads consistently every month.

Therefore, you will see your business growing like never before.

You will also have fewer things to focus on as you will handle all your SEO worries.

The Origin of digitalP  Marketer:

We launched digitalP to help roofing businesses throughout the country increase their online visibility.

Being an SEO company, we understand the struggle of outranking the competitors.

We know how to reduce your competition with efficient resources and finance.

We have created a team of trained and skilled content writers, SEO experts, and web designers.

We have built a complete digital marketing resource for the roofing contractors.

Whenever a client comes to us, they generally have the following issues with their business:

● Conversion Rate

● Website Traffic

● Search Visibility

● User Engagement

Some clients are new to the roofing industry and just starting with a website.

However, some clients are leaving their current SEO company to join us.

Their current digital marketing company doesn’t provide them enough traffic or leads, so their investment is primarily worthless.

Once the contractors join us, within months, they get surprised by the results.

Even if we take time to design the website and set up the strategies, the SEO results are worth it.

What Kinds of Services Do We Provide?

● Content Development and Marketing

● Website Design


● Facebook Advertising

Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses:

To enhance our client’s online business presence, we use several channels.

From website design and content creation to social media promotion, we take care of everything.

We shape our clients’ vision of online presence and then do everything required to execute that vision.

We have built our services with the help of our long experience and Google’s guidelines for SEO.

Google is the most significant source of leads for any roofer, so it’s mandatory to follow their rules and regulations.

We help roofers achieve their goals through the following channels:

●      Content Marketing:

We create high-quality content with potential keywords to publish on your website and blog posts.

●      Website Design:

We make you a customized website that represents your business in the best way.

●      Reputation Management:

We will manage your customers’ reviews, online citations, and backlinks to ensure your company is on the right track.

●      Social Media:

We create customized ads to engage with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Many of the roofing websites use stock templates to design their websites.

As a result, Google shows search results where most of the websites look the same.

At digitalP, we don’t believe in this concept.

We create custom websites with designs that represent your business.

So, your brand gets a distinctive appearance on the search results, and you can reach a broader audience.

We also recommend implementing a call to action button so that the visitors can easily make a call to your office if they need your service.

A Long-Term Partnership:

We don’t force your client into long-term contracts.

We find it inappropriate to lock clients into bonds where they are not satisfied with our services.

We believe that our service will always speak for ourselves, and the clients will always return to us on their own.

Providing excellent services is our top priority, and we want our clients to judge us based on that.

We have built great trust and relationships with our clients all over the US and UK.

We often find that many of our clients prefer a long-term partnership with us.

As a long-term partnership is beneficial for both the clients and us, we maximize the contract as per clients’ wish.

Noticing a start-up business going to the top search rankings for local keywords is our satisfaction.

We understand the amount of money and efforts our clients put into their business, so we always ensure that we never let them down.


● If you are looking for a “get rich instantly” technique, then you are at the wrong place.

● If you believe that your rankings will go to the top of Google’s search results within a week, then you are at the wrong place.

● If your brand reputation is not your concern, then we are not the right company.

● If you believe that your business logo and tagline will make you famous overnight, then we are not the right company to help you.

● If you offer sub-par services to our customers that you would not accept as a customer, then you are at the wrong place.

You Need to Leave This Website Now:

If any of the abovementioned points are accurate, we have nothing to offer you, and you should find another company.

digitalP is an honest and hard-working company that doesn’t believe in making false promises.

We know exactly how much work and time it takes to make your website like your dream one.

We work hard, and we take responsibility for considering your website as our own.

We are always ready to work rigorously to take your business to the highest level of success.

We do not work on cute and funny advertising for time passing and to give you a few customers.

We believe in making history lead generation and conversion.


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